Holders of BH Passports can enter Austria more easily

As of today, citizens of all Western Balkan countries can enter Austria more easily. As of today, Bosnia and Herzegovina is also on the epidemiological "green" list.

With the decree, which came into force at midnight, the citizens of all the countries of the Western Balkans can enter Austria from today, including tourists.

Until now, only Serbia and Northern Macedonia, as well as Albania, were on the "green" list, and now it is BiH, Montenegro and Kosovo.

Travelers coming from countries on the "green" list can enter Austria without quarantine if they have a vaccination certificate, with vaccines recognized by the European Medicines Agency - Pfizer, Modern, Astra Zeneca and Johnson and Johnson - and the World Health Organization - Chinese Sinofarm and Sinovak.

Russian Sputnik is not accepted by the Austrian authorities.

Those who do not have a vaccination certificate must have a certificate of Covid 19, or a negative PCR or antigen test.

Passengers coming from countries on the "green" list do not have to fill in electronic registration before the trip.

If the passenger does not have any of the three listed certificates, he must register electronically before arriving in Austria, and must also be quarantined until tested negative.

The new regulation lists Russia as a country where a new strain of coronavirus is spreading, which is why everyone who comes to Austria after their stay in that country must be quarantined.

This, by the way, has previously been the case for Great Britain, Brazil, India and South Africa.

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