Historical Museum invites you to “Day and Night of a Museum”

13225016_1770837739819569_1592739262_oEver since 1977, the world celebrates the International Museum Day, with the aim of affirmation of museums as public institutions.

The International Museum Day will be celebrated in our country as well, in various museum institutions, throughout the whole week.

On this occasion, the Historical Museum invites you on a visit on Saturday, the 21st of May, when the programs will take place throughout the day, noting that this day admission to all programs will be free of charge.

From 10:00 am – 12:00 am will be held the tour of museum exhibitions, which will include:

  • “Siege of Sarajevo”, a permanent exhibition of the Historical Museum of BiH
  • “They were never better”, a guest exhibition of the Museum of Yugoslav History in Belgrade
  • “15 years,” an exhibition of photographs by Jim Marshall
  • “Touch the history”, an exhibition for blind and partially sighted persons, Historical Museum of BiH
  • “20 Years of International Justice”, a guest exhibition from The Hague
  • “Mapping of the Dayton Agreement,” Production company FAMA

From 10:30 am to 13:30 pm, in the organization of the Centre for healthy aging, will be held the Festival of traditional Bosnian food (Members of the Center for Healthy Aging prepared gastronomic surprises inspired by Bosnian tradition for visitors).

Visit the Museum on Saturday, the 21st of May, and discover many other interesting contents, including workshops, presentations, exhibitions, concert of Fraulein Hon and many others.







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