Hilarious American comedy ”Our brother idiot” at the Art Cinema ”Kriterion”

A hilarious American comedy has come to our cinemas at last. This comedy with a funny name ”Our brother idiot” will be screened at the Art Cinema ”Kriterion” from the 27th till the 30th December at 20:20 p.m.

The director of this comedy is Jesse Peretz, and the scenario for this film is based on a story about an idealistic man, who tries to distract and introduce chaos into the lives of his three sisters. This director is well known for his work with music bands such as the FooFighters, Jack Black and Lemonheads, with whom he used to perform.

The film had its premiere in 2011 at the ”Sundance Film Festival” and since the first screening it has delighted the audience as well as the film critics.


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