Hiking Trail on Treskavica Mountain cleared for the first Time after the War

Destruction of the remaining unexploded ordnance was organized on the plateau of Treskavica Mountain (in the territory of the FBiH) along the marked hiking trail for the first time after the last war, as noted in the statement of the Federal Administration of Civil Protection (FACP).

The action was conducted by members of the FACP, and members of GSS Stanica Sarajevo provided medical support. Braco Babic led the team, and helicopter with the crew of the 2nd helicopter squadron of the Armed Forces of BiH was ready in case of a need for evacuation.

Access to the location of the unexploded ordnance was conducted along the marked hiking trail in the direction: the village of Rakitnica – Fatina voda – Sljemena – Baletina voda – Valovica – Ploca – Stirni do – Bijele vode – Prezida – Hercegovacka vrata – Djevigrad – Caba.

The return was conducted along the same path, and the action lasted for a total of 10 hours. The FCPA reminded hikers, as well as all the others, to be very cautious when going to the mountains, since finding explosives from previous war is not rare.

They called on mountaineers, if they find or notice unexploded ordnance, to mark the site from approximately 20 meters of distance, to “download” the exact coordinate of the location and inform the FACP on the phone 121.

(Source: Sarajevo Times)

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