Who has the highest Wage in BiH?

Financija (source Novac)The highest wage of citizens in BiH in this year amounted to 9.300 BAM, while the lowest net wage with bonuses amounted to 350 BAM; confirmed a research conducted by the web portal

Professions that are paid the most, with bonuses, are: director general (9.300 BAM), executive director (7.217 BAM), consultant (5.000 BAM), director of sector (4.583 BAM), regional manager (4.117 BAM), and software engineer (3.600 BAM).

Lowest wages in private sector are on the positions of salesperson in a retail store, paralegal (350 BAM), salesperson/insurance agent (360 BAM), cook, journalist and dispatcher (370 BAM), waiter (372 BAM) and cashier (390 BAM).

On the other side, it is evident that men make more money than women. Thus, the highest net wage of a man on the position of director executive was 7.217 BAM and for a woman on the same position 4.200 BAM. Similar situation is in the sectors of finance, banking, IT and pharmacy, where men receive up to 1.000 BAM more than women, working on same positions.

All mentioned results refer to the period from October 6, 2015 until October 6, 2016 and the research included around 11.000 participants.


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