Higher Pensions for Pensioners living in Novi Grad Municipality

Extra 50 BAM as a New Year’s Gift to Pensioners from Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo

This year as well, Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo, decided to give additional money to 11,500 pensioners with the lowest pensions. This money will be paid out with the January retirement, and the retirement will be increased by 50 BAM.

The agreement on the payment of funds was signed by the Mayor of Novi Grad Sarajevo, Semir Efendic, director of the Federal Institute PIO, Zijad Krnjić and the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Association of Pensioners of Novi Grad Municipality, Ibrahim Hota.

“By the revision of municipality budget, 586,300 BAM for the 11,726 pensioners with a monthly pension that does not exceed 330 BAM is provided,” said Mayor Efendic, adding that although this is not enough, municipality tries to help the pensioners.

Moreover, Mr. Krnjić expressed his satisfaction that the Municipality has a sensitivity to sensitive category of pensioners and said that this is a positive example and that other government institutions should follow it as well.

The President of IO Association of Pensioners of the Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo, Ibrahim Hota, on behalf of pensioners, thanked Chief Efendic.

“Given the fact that pensioners with incomes of less than 330 BAM are a vulnerable category, in a time when life is difficult and expensive, this is a really positive example of help,” said Hota.

The funds will be paid to the account of the Federal Institute PIO.

(Source: klix)

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