High School Students successfully implemented the “One Sweet, one Child” Action

December 31, 2017 6:15 PM

High school students from Canton Sarajevo (CS) gave the packets worth over 4.000 BAM for socially vulnerable categories in this Canton through the action “One sweet, one child.”

The action “One sweet, one child” is realized each year and it is an opportunity for high school students to show simpathy for socially vulnerable parts of society.

During December, high school students from 26 schools in this Canton, gathered in the Student Council Network, worked hard to pick up sweets in their schools. After the first part of the action was completed, 433 packets were created and eventually formed.

“The Student Council Network of the CS is very proud of their members who have been part of this action and who have shown that they have a big heart. Humanity is one of the most beautiful qualities that one can possess, and in our network you can not find someone who does not possess it,” said Amina Kolar, president of the Student Council Network of CS.

High school students passed the packets to the Children’s Home “Bjelave”, Stadler’s Children’s Home “Egypt”, the “Mjedenica” Institute of Sarajevo, the “Pazarić” Institute and others. They did not forget the Soup Kitchen in Sarajevo, which they gave a food packet worth 100 BAM.

“Although we came to make them happy, as we succeeded, they unconsciously made us even happier with their joy, because we experinced all the delights of giving. In a couple of days we saw a lot of happiness and many smiles from which we cannot choose the best. We, as young people, are not a problem that needs to be solved in this country, but a quality resource, which we have shown with this activity, which is only one in a series of planned ones, “ concluded Anida Piric, PR of the Student Council Network of CS.


(Source: Klix.ba)


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