High School Students from Six Countries in Sarajevo at Juventafest

juventafestInternational Festival of secondary school dramatic creation “Juventafest” for the first time will be held from 17to 22 September in Sarajevo under the organization of poetic Youth Theater “Juventa”.

Artistic director of “Juventafest” and featured B&H actress Jasna Diklić said for Fena Agency that at the festival by the choice of selector Asja Krsmanović high school drama groups from B&H, Croatia, Slovenian, Poland, Serbia and Macedonia will attend.

“This is an opportunity for high school students to enter the fantastic world of the theater, and also to learn about the creativity of others. It will be held four workshops that will be attended by the festival participants, and more than a hundred of them will be in Sarajevo during the festival. It will certainly be a youth holiday”, she said.

Diklić recalls that from the engagement and experience with young poetic theater “Juventa”  the idea of ​​starting this festival was born.

This theater was created in 2001 and the host was the Cultural Center “Sarajevo”, and  with artistic director Jasna  Diklić.

Since then, she recalls, along with high school students there have been made eight performances thematically related to their problems – drug addiction, kitsch and trash, sexuality, whether to leave or stay in B&H and other current concerns of young people.

Last performance of this theater “Udarci i osmjeh” is about youth violence among the youth, and the lyrics were written by participants in the show, what gives to it an extra quality.

The theater was a guest at many festivals in the region and in B&H, where 27 awards were won.

Diklić emphasizes that many generations of young people have gone through this theater, while its performances are seen by several thousands of their peers from all secondary schools in Sarajevo Canton and beyond.

Diklić’s vision is that children have their “own” place and time that is not always the same as the time and place of an adult.

“By creating theater for teenagers and young adults, I entered their world of imagination by offering them my world! This meant the search for neutral territory. No man’s land that floats in the midst of conflict, but a free country where you do not need to defend nothing, and finally there is the possibility to share knowledge, questions, doubts, and even emotions. Yes, the theater gives us just that opportunity”, concludes Jasna Diklić

(Source: Fena)

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