High Representative extends Condolences for the Death of Patriarch Irinej

The High Representative, Valentin Inzko, extended his sincere condolences today to the members and clergy of the Serbian Orthodox Church (Srpska pravoslavna crkva – SPC) on the occasion of the death of His Holiness, the Patriarch of the SPC, Irinej.

“Religious leaders remain in believers’ hearts even after their death. The words of Patriarch Irenej spoken at the altar will linger in the hearts and souls of Orthodox believers who were nurtured by these words,” reads the High Representative’s telegram of condolence.

On several occasions, the High Representative Inzko had the opportunity to meet His Holiness, SPC Patriarch Irinej. Among other issues, they discussed the restitution of the Faculty of Economics building in Sarajevo to the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Over the last few years, the High Representative, who is a ktetor of the Faculty of Theology of the SPC in Belgrade and a benefactor for the reconstruction of temples in New York and Mostar, also had the opportunity to meet with previous leaders of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Their Holiness Patriarch Pavle and Patriarch German.

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