High Representative Christian Schmidt meets BiH Presidency Members

High Representative Christian Schmidt paid a courtesy call to the BiH Presidency and opened a series of meetings with domestic institutions and political stakeholders.

“I believe it is an appropriate start. My intention is to speak to all and to use my experience, strength, influence, and connections to ensure Bosnia and Herzegovina and its peoples have a prosperous future.”

Member of BiH Presidency Sefik Dzaferovic pointed out that institutions at the level of BiH must function, and that no one has the right to obstruct their work.

“The Dayton Agreement is not a buffet to take from it what suits someone, and rejects what does not suit, it must be implemented in its entirety,” said Dzaferovic, and called on RS officials to stop blocking the work of state institutions.

As he said, it is not good that not all three members of the Presidency were at the meeting today.

“I think Dodik made a big mistake. I call on him to stop obstructing the work of institutions because that will not bring anything good “, stated Dzaferovic.

He thanked Schmidt for taking on the role of High Representative, and wished him successful work in BiH.

“We expect Schmidt to fully fulfill his obligation. We expect determination in the interest of all peoples in BiH. We need to build BiH as a democratic state in accordance with the Dayton Agreement, in the interest of all BiH citizens, “Dzaferovic said.

Schmidt emphasized that he would respect the Dayton Agreement and that, in accordance with the Constitution, he would see the Presidency of BiH as the first partner in the work.

“I will use all my strength, influence and experience to achieve the goal of helping the citizens of this country. I am counting and I can count on the political support of the PIC that nominated me.

“I am also counting on close cooperation with the EU, and special cooperation with the United States,” Schmidt pointed out.

According to him, the obligation of all those in office in BiH, at the state level, in the entities, cantons, municipalities, to sit down and think about how they can contribute to the betterment and help BiH enter the EU.

He added that, with the help of the international community, BiH will return to the international agenda.

“We will all work together to fulfill 14 priorities for BiH’s accession to the EU and the 5 + 2 program, and especially to protect the territorial integrity of BiH,” Schmidt said.
He expressed regret that not all three members of the Presidency were present at the meeting today.

“I was informed last week that all three will be at the meeting, but that there will be no dialogue after that, so now I hope it will be the other way around,” Schmidt said.

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