High Fashion from the Streets of Paris is produced in Lopare

12527783_1740834556153221_296058590_nCoats, topcoats, dresses and more. All of them are being sawn in one of the poorest municipalities in B&H for the ladies from Paris.

Clothing items of international brands such as Anthony, Vanessa Bruno, Tara Jarmon are all produced in Lopare. These coats reach the price of 600 EUR on the French market.

The employers of this company could not buy even a half of the coat that they make for their monthly salary, which in average amounts to 250 EUR.

Nikola Gligorevic saw benefits of work in this factory. Although he has finished the Gymnasium and he is a law student, he has gained the opportunity to see Paris trough his work in the textile industry.  At the beginning of the summer, he will be going on a training for electronic tailoring.

“I expect to raise to a higher level in this business and help out here because it is easier to work with electronic tailoring and I will at least get a chance to see Paris,” he said.

The company started with 30 employees 17 years ago, now there are 65 and there is a need for more. Textile workers are deficient here so most of them firstly pass the training, which lasts to even 2 years.

“The first important thing is that we have a job and we have regular salary. It’s not big but, taking into consideration the situation in the country, we are satisfied with it,” said Petra Radic.

“The most important thing is that our salary is regular and that we respect all the contributions to the state. And that is most basic thing for us,” said Obradin Bozic, deputy director of Kristin mod.


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