HIFA OIL Tešanj donates year-long Supply of Flour to the Soup Kitchen Maglaj!

hifa-flour-donationIn these cold winter days, the Soup Kitchen Maglaj faced a major problem – the lack of flour. This soup kitchen spends 650 kilograms of flour on average every month.

People of Maglaj launched actions and organized many campaigns for collecting flour.

In the meantime, owner of one of the most successful oil companies in BiH HIFA OIL Ltd Tešanj decided to donate flour for Maglaj.

Venan Hadžiselimović, representative of HIFA OIL Ltd Tešanj, and Sanela Omerović, Director of the Muslim Charity Society Merhamet Maglaj, signed a contract on the donation of flour for the Soup Kitchen Maglaj for this entire year.

The contract was signed for the period from January 1, 2017 until December 31, 2017.

(Source: jelah.info)

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