Hifa Oil presented Pellet from Coal

Energy Revolution Doboj akta.baThe “Open Days” of Hifa Oil-Euro Stil were officially opened the day before yesterday with a press conference in the exhibition hall of Euro Stil in Doboj. Numerous invitees and media representatives were addressed by Venan Hadziselimovic on behald of Hifa Oil, and Mirnes Tukic and Kemal Mujkanovic as the representatives of Euro Stil.

At the very beginning, Hadziselimovic presented the entire HIFA Group to the guests, with special emphasis on the youngest member in the family, Euro Stil, whom he addressed as the “daughter of Hifa Oil”. Then, the director of Euro Stil Mirnes Tukic got a word and went through the history of the founding of the company in 2013, difficulties that have befallen the Euro Stil in last year’s floods, as well as the visions for the future with whose implementation they have already started.

Although a young company, Euro Stil is already now a leader in the production of pellet in B&H and the distribution of the same.

The topic around which the entire presentation was spinning is the so-called Energy revolution – pellet from coal, which is according to them unique in both B&H and Europe. Kemal Mujkanovic spoke about the advantages of this kind of pellet (stronger energy value, lower price up to 40 percent in comparison with the wooden pellet, etc.), as well as about the other selling assortments that Euro Stil offers.

Following the presentations was the tour of the production plants, warehouses, as well as the presentation of the boilers and pellets, headed by Kenan Ahmetlic.

What was surprising is that no one appeared on behalf of the city authority of Doboj, given the greatness and significance of one such company at the territory of the city and municipality.

The “Open Days” were also held yesterday, when a tour of all guests was scheduled during the day with professional supervision by the employees of the company Euro Stil Ltd. Doboj, reported Radio ZOS.


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