Herzegovinian Producers of Cheese Visited Italy

sir 1Members of the Regional Sector Committee for the production of cheese in Herzegovina visited Italy last week as part of the project CREDO Herzegovina, which is financed by the Swedish Organization for International Cooperation and Development (SIDA).

The visit was organized by REDAH Agency, and members of the committee visited dairies in the region of Umbria in the area of Perugia. On this occasion, they had the opportunity to see modern making of dairy products, of which some have the capacity to produce 70.000 liters of milk a day, and they produce over 30 types of products. Dairy farms of this capacity employ more than 200 people.

In addition to major industrial plants, members of the Regional Sector Committee visited smaller dairy farms that engage in the production of traditional cheeses of unpasteurized milk.

The goal of the study visit was to analyze successful business concepts of cheese farms in Italy, which would serve as the basis for the future solution of problems in the sector for the production of cheese, and contribute to the realization of new business steps that would lead to increasing competitiveness of the sector and its members, said in a statement by Agency REDAH.

(Source: Fena)

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