Herzegovinian Mountains To Receive Status of National Parks

nacionalni parkExperts considers the Herzegovinian mountains Čvrsnica, Čabulja, Vran and Prenj to be one of the most beautiful landscapes of Europe, and for this reason the region plans to declare a national park soon.

After an hour’s drive for Posušje, the enchanting beauty of nature surrounded them. In the middle of the long field on Lake Blidinje they had a view of the mountains Čvrsnice and Vrana.

Dražen Pažin, President of the Croatian Mountaineering Society of Prenj 1933, said that proclaiming the areas as a national park is a ‘good thing’. “I think that this is basically a good thing if the rules of national parks are complied with such as the ones that exist in Croatia’’.

Proclaiming four Herzegovinian mountains as a national park would ensure the protection of the rich flora and fauna of this area, as well as its better tourist promotion and the access to European and international funds.

“This is moving towards a national park due to Nature 2000 and everything else that Europe provides, which means that along with the Una we would also be a national park. The elements for this are also the cemetery tombstones, due to which we are entering under UNESCO protection with other former Yugoslav countries, as well as for the Dinarides, which is necessary to protect. This would all be possible through a national park and everything that it offers’’, explained National Park Manager of Blidinje Zdravko Kutle on the reasons for the declaration of a national park in Herzegovina. He said that Blidinje already has the infrastructure for the development of tourism.

(Source: mostarlife.com)

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