Herzegovinian Delicacies presented to Tourists at the Waterfall Kravica

Tasting of traditional Herzegovinian products was organized on the waterfall Kravica by the PE “Parkovi” from Ljubuski and local wineries.

The aim of the event was to introduce tourists with traditional products from Herzegovina and present the best of Herzegovina to them.

Visitors had the opportunity to taste high-quality wines, grapes, dried figs and other delicacies of this region, such as cheeses and prosciutto.

This event attracted great attention of tourists who enjoyed on one of the most attractive locations in Herzegovina that day.

Kravica is a waterfall located in the location of Studenci near Ljubuski. It was created by Trebizat River and it is under the protection of state as a natural phenomenon.

The height of the waterfall ranges from 26 to 28 meters, and it has a water amphitheatre below the waterfall with 120 meters in diameter.

That natural oasis is very popular among domestic and foreign tourists, and the number of visits is recording constant increase every year.




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