Hero from Mostar: He danced on his Sister’s Wedding, and now he wants to get married

Nikola Raguz from Mostar became a real hit on the social networks last year when his sister posted a really interesting and touching video on her Facebook profile.

This great fighter, Nikola, is slowly making a progress and now wants to get married. The story of great will of this young man touched the entire region.

He got up from the wheelchair about a year ago at his sister’s wedding just to dance with her.

He was in a heavy traffic accident four years ago, in which he almost lost his life. He was in a coma three months after the accident, and after he woke up, his life became unthinkable without a wheelchair because the right side of his body is very weak now and his center for balance was severely damaged.

So far, he went through two stem cell surgeries and he is getting better every day.

Nikola is much more stable now, but he still cannot walk on his own, however, the smile is not coming off his face and he is constantly pushing and trying, without losing a hope even for a second. He is hanging around with his friends, exercising on a daily basis, and he is also playing computer games and … looking for a girlfriend.

“I am telling him: You will get married my son, it will happen, believe me,” said Nikola’s father.

He promised his sister a dance at his wedding as well.

“The next dance is at his wedding. He only needs to fight and stand up,” said his sister Mateja.

Currently, Nikola is getting prepared for his third surgery.

“This is very hard for us in a financial sense, but Nikola is our hero, he is a fighter and I believe that he will walk,” stated his father.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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