Help for 250 Veteran Families shared in Municipality “Stari Grad“

stari grad municipalityDays of the Municipality Stari Grad were marked yesterday by a solemn parade of the follower of war units with war flags down the street of Kovaci, through Bascarsija square, streets Saraci, Ferhadija, Strosmajerova and Zelenih Beretki to the Municipality of Stari Grad, where they made a final lineup with  the command “greeting to homeland“.

Chief of the Municipality of Stari Grad headed one-time assistance in the amount of 100 BAM to 250 families of fallen soldiers and martyrs, demobilized soldiers and war invalids.

He emphasized that the Municipality helped them the most by allocating them housing units and certain type of employment.

“When it comes to the concrete solving of the housing problem, the fact is that there are no more apartments in the municipality. More precisely, there are 1.000 of them because individual buildings are prevailing“, said Hadzibajric.

Problems of internally displaced persons will continue to be solved during the year by building of the residential object on Baruthana, intended for 11 families, among which will be veteran families as well.

“This year as well we will segregate 100 to 150.000 BAM, and the total worth of the object is around 650.000 BAM, that will be finished until spring next year, I hope“, said Hadzibajric adding that from 32 such families, 13 of them are still to be disposed.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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