Heart Surgery without opening the Chest performed for the first time on CCUS

The procedure of hybrid coronary revascularisation was successfully performed at the Clinic for Cardiovascular Surgery. It is a heart surgery without opening the chest.

This surgery was performed by a multidisciplinary team, which included cardio surgeon and intervene cardiologist.

Doc. Dr. Granov explained that hybrid operation room was created because of this kind of operations and that this procedure is not performed anywhere else in the region, but only in large medical centers around the world.

“Our goal is to perform this type of procedures in CCUS on a regular basis. There are numerous benefits from this procedure since the process of recovery is short and patients can continue with their regular activities in a short period of time. We are currently in the process of purchasing additional equipment and instruments, because our intention is to perform minimally invasive surgery,” said Dr. Granov.

The concept of hybrid coronary revascularization was presented by the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology back in the year of 2011. They described it as an advanced and modern technique, which improves results in the process of treatment of ischemic cardio disease.

As noted by Doc. Dr. Muhamed Spuzic, the management of CCUS enabled the improvement of the communication and cooperation of cardio surgeons and invasive cardiologists.

“We have the introduction of the most contemporary methods of treatment as a result, and now we have cardio surgeons working together with invasive cardiologists in the hybrid operation room,” said Doc. Dr. Spuzic.

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