Have you heard about Japodian Islands in BiH?

Japodian islandsIllyrian tribe Japodes inhabited the area between Kupa River and Una River. One of the most beautiful places where they lived are Japodian islands near Bihac.

Today, there is a tourist and recreation center, which was established by a group of young people with the aim of providing workplaces and ensure staying in their country.

Five river islands that are surrounded by Una River and connected by wooden bridges are located in Japodian valley.

Until 10 years ago, they were overgrown in trees and thorns, and today they represent a real tourist attraction in this part of the country.

From just a few of them who started this business, they came to up to more than 30 workers in the season.

By using natural potentials, they offer different content to their visitors, including: rafting, kayaking, snorkeling, mountaineering. They also use roads for a photo safari with jeeps. A special attraction is the authentic Japodian house.

“Last year, the first house on the tree, the so-called Japodian house, was made in the period from March to May, and it represents the first house of its kind in BiH,” said Ines Delic.

There is an increasing number of foreign tourists who are enjoying adrenalin sports, untouched nature and Krajina cuisine, while there are fewer tourists from BiH.

(Source: N1)



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