Health Workers in Bosnia and Herzegovina applauded to Children who have to stay at Home (video)




Great applause could be heard in several cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Tuesday evening after medical staff decided to support all toddlers who are in their homes because of the coronavirus and cannot go outside because of the current situation, Klix.ba news portal reports.

Considering that for days, people in the cities of the world are thanking doctors who save lives every day, they decided to show their gratitude with applause and a message of encouragement, given that this population is the most vulnerable and difficult to explain because why they cannot live a normal childhood life.



In most Bosnian cities, medical staff has sent a message to the children that everything will be fine and that this situation will go away as soon as possible.

“Dear citizens, you applaud us every night. Tonight we applaud our little heroes,” they said. Look how it was tonight in Sarajevo.




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