Which Health Care Centers will work on the Independence Day?

February 28, 2017 5:00 PM

dom zdravljaOn the Independence day, The Health Care centers of the Sarajevo Canton will work on certain locations from 7:30 until 20:00 o’clock on Wednesday 1st  March.

In a press release, it is stated that the Health Care Center (Vrazova 11) will be on duty for the population of municipalities Center and Old Town; Health Care Center Novo Sarajevo (Bihaćka 2) on duty for the municipality of Novo Sarajevo and Novi Grad; Health Care Center Ilidza (Mustafa Pintola 1), for the municipality Ilidza; Health Care Center Hadzici (Andjelka Lažetića 2) for the municipality of Hadzici; Health Care Center Vogosca (Igmanska 52) for the municipality of Vogosca and Health Care Center Ilijas (29 februar bb) for the population of that municipality.

Family Medicine Clinic Trnovo will be on duty from 08:00 until 16:00 o’clock for the population of the municipality of Trnovo.

(Source: faktor)


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