Head of the Centar Municipality met with Representatives of the Central Bank

On 12 February 2021, Head of the Centar Municipality, Mr. Srđan Mandić with his staff members, has had an official meeting with Governor Senad Softić, Ph.D. and representatives of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Governor Softić, Ph.D. has used the opportunity to point out to the Head of Municipality, Mandić, the importance of the CBBH as an independent and stable state institution which has been fulfilling its role and basic goal – maintenance of the stability of the local currency convertible mark, in an irreproachable manner for two decades. It has been said that the CBBH always works in the interest of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, guided by the principles of responsibility and transparency, and as such, it represents an institution of exceptional importance for monetary and financial stability of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The subject of the talks was the importance of the implementation of the project on construction of the CBBH facility at the plot owned by the CBBH, named “Kranjčevićeva”, land lot, no. 782/6, leaning on “The Park of prof. dr. Nijaz Duraković” in “Hastahana” site. Governor Softić, Ph.D. informed the representatives of the Municipality of Centar that the process of selecting the conceptual solution for the construction of the CBBH building on the asphalted plot, which has been used as a parking lot until now, has been in progress. The CBBH plans to present the selected conceptual design to the general public.

A significant part of this project will certainly be dedicated to the surrounding landscaping and horticultural arrangement, which will fully fit the future facility into the overall ambience of “Hastahana” site and “Park of prof. dr. Nijaz Duraković. “

The CBBH and the municipal authorities will work together to ensure that the overall area of ​​the site is definitely better arranged, content wise and in other way, than it has ever been before. The CBBH fully supports the idea that the green area in ​​the park of “Prof. dr. Nijaz Duraković” is arranged according to the needs of the local community, and will without hesitation support any activity to achieve this goal and it will be a reliable partner in the implementation of this project.

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