Head of Islamic Community in BiH congratulates Easter to all Caltholics

The head of the Islamic Community of Bosnia and Herzegovina Husein ef. Kavazovic sent a congratulatory message to Cardinal Vinko Puljic on the occasion of the great Catholic Easter celebration. In the congratulations message, it is stated:

“To all members of the Catholic Church in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I would like to express their deepest respect and sincere wishes to spend the holidays in peace, freedom, love, and health. We sincerely hope that Easter messages in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world will further encourage the journey building a solidarity society, mutual respect and inter-religious co-operation. In me and the Islamic community, you will always have the support of this common path.”

“In the name of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in my personal name, I congratulate you once again the upcoming holidays,” was concluded.

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