Head Coach Erbez: The boys worked hard and tried to fulfill Everything Tachnical Staff wanted


With today’s anthropological tests in the FF BH Training Centre, the U-15 national team of our country has completed mini preparations.

Head coach Zoran Erbez said about this gathering:

“The boys worked hard and tried to fulfill everything that we from the technical staff put in front of them. However, it is evident that the break, caused by the coronavirus pandemic, left a mark on the players, and this was felt in this camp as well. In general, we can be satisfied, because the guys still showed a certain quality and it is clear that they are not in the national team by chance. Two players from the original list had problems with injuries, but we reacted quickly and invited their substitutions.”

Erbez also added:

“This gathering had its specifics, because we had to work according to some new measures due to the coronavirus pandemic. We acted in accordance with these measures. The maximum number of players we could invite was 22, so we checked some players who had been to gatherings before, but there were also a lot of those who were not in the U-15 team and had previously drawn attention to themselves. On the other hand, there are other quality players who were not at this camp, but they have previously confirmed that they have quality and will be with us again at the next gatherings.”

Among the invited national team players was Kenan Lamadžema, who also commented on the preparations:

“It’s a good feeling to be at a national team’s gathering again. The corona disturbed us, we had not been together for a long time and we are glad that we are slowly getting back on some normal track. We all did our best in these preparations and I believe we showed ourselves in a nice light. We tried. We also worked on our physical fitness during the break. That certainly made these preparations easier for us.”

Player Marko Brkić stated:

“We have finally got together. We missed this way of working, and we also miss the matches. We worked hard and the preparations went in the best order. As for me personally, I worked during the break as if there was no corona and I am in good shape.”

The technical staff and the national team players were also visited today by the FF BH general secretary, Adnan Džemidžić, who received information on the preparations and testing of players from the head coach Zoran Erbez, and the head of the FF BH Education Centre, Munir Talović.


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