Hazelnuts and Almonds as a “Pure Gold“ in B&H

nuts Banja LukaPrices of nuts at sales points in Banja Luka increased in last ten days, and the most expensive are hazelnuts and almonds, that are becoming a real luxury on the menu, as confirmed from customers and dealers.

It is needed to pay 32 to 35 BAM for kilogram of hazelnut, that is being sold at the market, kilogram of almonds costs 32 BAM, while the price of walnuts is 23 to 27 BAM, depending on the quality.

If you want to buy in stores, it is needed to pay up to 49.95 BAM for kilogram of peeled hazelnut, while the hazelnut in shell costs 15 BAM.

The cost of almonds in markets increased from 30 BAM to 42 BAM, while the kilogram of pistachio in bulk costs 47 BAM, walnuts 26 BAM, and cashews 33 BAM.

Sellers told that the price of almonds increased for around 30% and reached its peak, and that the purchase price of hazelnuts is currently from 36 to 38 BAM for markets. As prices are increasing, there is a fewer number of customers.

“The big markets seek for the higher earnings, the market dictates the price, while we are going on a minimum wage. Those who were buying a kilogram of almonds or other nuts, now buy only 100 or 200 grams. The demand is increasing for the time of holidays, and I am now selling what left me in the stock“, said Neven Baljak, seller at the Banja Luka market.


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