Have You ever took a Ride in a Steam Locomotive “Ciro” Train? (video)


Public Institution Center for protection, development and promotion of tourism Banovici announced a promotional video, which covered segments of the touristic offer of this municipality.

Attractions and all that makes Banovici recognizable is summarized in the eleven minutes long video, which was made by “Triton production.”

In the second part was represented tourist train with a steam locomotive which is Banovici’s brand. In the video, you can see how does the ride in Banovici “Ciro” train looks like.

In the third part is presented the Museum of Mining and Railways, which is still under the construction, within which will be able to see exhibits of working machines, stationary trains, and wagons, artificial mining caves, museum building etc.

In Bosnia, thanks to the investments of the government of Republic of Srpska (one of the entities in the country) all the reconstructing works were completed by 2010, when the first & legendary narrow-gauge train ‘Ćiro’ arrived from Mokra Gora to Višegrad. Since then, the train is connecting those two places, not on a regular basis, but on a request for organized tours, since some works are necessary in the future, Itiniari writes.

The train, whose official name is ‘Nostalgia’, among Bosnian people is affectionately called ‘Ćiro’. And it actually tells the nostalgic story intertwined with the history of the region. For many generations, this train was a part of everyone’s life. Decades ago ‘Ćiro’ was transporting workers, farmers, children, students, tourists, but also mail, livestock, coal and food.

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