Hastor Foundation received the Award in Washington

A special recognition for contribution to the development of education of youth in BiH was awarded to the Hastor Foundation at a ceremony that was held last weekend in the organization of the Advisory Council for BiH (ACBH) in Washington.

This is the most important gathering of business and academic BH Diaspora in the United States, which was attended by 42nd President of the US, Bill Clinton. He received a lifetime award on this occasion. Moreover, numerous businessmen, high officials, philanthropists, congressmen and senators attended this event as well.

“It is a great honour for us that the ideas and values that the Hastor Foundation represents have been recognized by the Advisory Council for BiH and that we had the opportunity to send a message of 1.860 active users of Hastor’s scholarships. President Clinton and General Wesley Clark talked about the need to focus on the future and mutual work and cooperation, and not divisions. These are the values that users of Hastor Foundation’s scholarships live and demonstrate in more than 115 municipalities all over BiH on a daily basis. We believe that this recognition by ACBH represents another confirmation of socially responsible engagement of the Hastor Foundation and it is a motive for us to continue giving our contribution to the improvement of the education system in BiH and general access to education,” stated Jazvin.

The ACBH is the leading non-governmental organization that is working on presentation of interests of BH diaspora in the US, and it was established back in the year of 2007.

The Hastor Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides support, both financial and moral, for the education of 1,860 young people all over BiH. The mission of the Hastor Foundation is to give equal opportunities for education to all students, regardless of their different socio-economic status. The Foundation supported more than 2,000 young people through its work with the motto “Education is the Choice of Winners”.





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