Read the Interesting Story about Hasib Velic, who is writing Diary for 50 Years

hasib velic diaryHasib Velic from village Kamenica near Bihac, electrical engineer and a former worker of “Koncar“, runs his own diary for 50 years. Hasib said that he has not miss a day to write something in his diary.

He started to run a diary as 13-year-old in a 6th grade of primary school.

“It was at the class of Serbo-Croatian language, teacher Emina Hasic talked us about the importance of diary and for homework, we had to try to start writing a diary for the next class. From that time, I have been writing it“, said Hasib Velic.

He said that his first entry to the diary was when his father bought him a field, and that day he had to go to dig up fruit. Teacher of mother tongue is still alive, but had never said to her that he writes a diary.

Until the day we visited him, Hasib wrote 18.262 entries to the diary. Usually, it is about everyday things, events in neighborhood, but he often brought to the diary his impressions about world’s great events.

“I wrote in the Mission Apollo 11, because in that time we all followed the conquest of the Moon. It was on 20th July 1969. As then as well as today, I am convinced that people won the Moon, because I am a man of technique and I know that at that time there was a big race between the world’s most powerful countries.“, said Hasib.

Running a diary is a small entertainment for Hasib, because he is actually the inventor, master of technical and many other engineering solutions. He showed us a lawn mower that he made from engines of first computers that have appeared in former Yugoslavia. He designed a special system for lawn mowers with special calorifiers, that can cut bushes and small stumps peeking from the ground. He said that he sold many of them in National park Plitvicka jezera.

He specifically keep two entries to the diary, the saddest one, when he lost his son in a car accident, and the happiest on, when he saw a sea for the first time.

(Source: faktor.ba)


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