Hasan Ahmetlic, a Bosniak who renovated a Catholic Church

hasan ahmetlicIn the BH ethnically politicized reality, it seems unbelievable that Hasan Ahmetlic, member of the Bosniak constituent people, renovated the Catholic church in Tesanj with his donations, at the satisfaction of all inhabitants of this municipality.

All works at the reconstruction of the exterior facade, painting the interior joinery, installation of windows and wooden tiles around the church doors, at the Church of St. Peter and Paul in Tesanj, are completed recently.
Hasan Ahmetlic, owner of the company Hifa Tank, who became famous to BH public after he decided to pay the pension for one year to the account of Hava Tatarevic, allocated 4.000 BAM for the renovation of the Catholic church.

“I was going to town every morning and saw that the church was abandoned. I came up with the idea to donate for the reconstruction because it is still one’s God’s house, and the mirror of Tesanj. I felt a spite, because when all houses and mosques can be beautiful and clean, why the Catholic church as well, would not be beautiful“, said Ahmetlic.

“All inhabitants from Tesanj were surprised, but positively. We in Tesanj, had never problems with that, I was raised to be the human before all and then everything else. Unfortunately, there  are those to whom other things are more important, but the fact is that we have to live with each of them“, said Ahmetlic.

(Source: klix.ba/ Photo: kliker.info)

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