Harsh Penalties for both Greece and BiH for Incidents on the Match

fans-of-bihThe match between BiH and Greece, which was played in Athens, was marked by a dramatic draw 1: 1 and the loss of two points and a series of incidents, and the peak of the night was the banner: “Knife, Wire, Srebrenica”. A little later was raised the flag of Serbia as well.

Representatives of the Football Association of BiH intervened immediately at the break where they drew attention to the nationalist and racist writings of Greek fans.

The penalty, which will follow for the Greek Football Association will not be small because the main motto that UEFA propagated for years is “No to racism.”

A source from the Football Association of BiH said that Greek politicians who attended the match tried to explain to our representatives that there were people from Serbia, but they received a clear answer:

“You from Europe should not remind us on our wounds that hurt us, because just when the situation in BiH calms down, someone from Europe reminds us again.

Besides the great failure of the organizers who allowed a large number of pyrotechnic means and because of the irresponsibility of individuals, BiH will also pay a penalty which shall not be less than 50,000 CHF.

Fans ignited the torches followed after the goal by Miralem Pjanic, and the match was stopped for several minutes.

Although many people will say that it is the failure of the organizers and that they should bear the blame, it is well known that UEFA has no mercy and that BiH will also pay the price of burning the torches in the stadium.



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