Haris Dzomba, Editor-in-Chief of Vijesti24.ba Portal: “In 2019 We will take the Position of the fastest growing Online Media in BiH”

Recently, the newly established online portal “Vijesti24.ba” was officially presented to BH public, and portal’s Editor-in-Chief Haris Dzomba gave an interview for Sarajevo Times news portal.

The portal was presented the public in June 2018, and it was very positively accepted.

“I was even “caught up” with the success we have achieved. We have exceeded our expectations and our goal is to take the position of the fastest growing online media in BiH in 2019,” Dzomba stated at the beginning of the interview.

On the question of dealing with competition, Mr. Dzomba states that he does not think about competition, but that he is glad to hear that someone has achieved success.

What will the online portal “Vijesti24.ba” bring in the future? In what measure will politics dictate the editorial policy?

“Pressure, hence the resistance to pressure, is what separates reference and relevant media from the ones that are read only once,” Mr.Dzomba said adding that he promises that the portal which he established will be the one that will last much longer.

In the last decade of his work, Mr. Dzomba has achieved great success. Answering on the question of the best things that his career brought to him, he answers that it is, above all, the freedom. To do what he likes in the way he can be what he is.

“I feel privileged to be born with the talent that has been recognized and realized, and that I am surrounded by the people to whom I trust and who inspire me. Even the bad things that happened to me were part of a certain process and thanks to them I became stronger,” Mr. Dzomba explained.

When it comes to his decision to do journalism, Mr. Dzomba explains that one of his main aims is to change BiH. He emphasizes that there is a great number of journalists who are professionals in BiH, but that it is only the question of where they work and with how much freedom they are provided from their editors.

You are currently working on your second book. The book has an intriguing name “National Security”. What can BH public expect?

“At this point, it is too early to talk about my latest manuscript, but I am certain that the book’s content will be far more intriguing and I hope readers will like it. The book will be available online, absolutely free of charge.  Earlier, Mr. Dzomba fought for the right of speech and the protection of journalists, and he was in the opposition to the government as well.

On the question of the position of journalists in BiH, he states that journalists often find themselves in a very difficult situation, as it was not before. Violence against journalists has been expressed and frequent so much so that sometimes he wonders if it is possible to protect individuals under such circumstances.

“I am afraid our fight has just begun,” Mr. Dzomba concluded.


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