”Happy Sunday” in Sarajevo

After an extremely successful first organization of the same event, the Company ”Tropik” is announcing the New Year edition of the multimedia project called ”Happy Sunday” that will be held on the 30th December at the Youth Center in Sarajevo.

” The great success of the premiere of this event served as a sound proof that parents and children need these kinds of events such as ”Happy Sunday” in this city. The second edition of ”Happy Sunday” will be a big New Year party” – said Ognjen Džinić, the project manager of the Company ”Tropik”.

The New Year edition of ”Happy Sunday” was elected as the central manifestation of the children’s New Year program, which is traditionally organized by the City of Sarajevo. On this occasion, the City Administration has secure over 1.000 gifts for children that attend schools for children with special needs.

During the program, which will be held in three parts, a performance of the show ” U carstvu sijedog djeda” in the production of the Art group ”Studio Scena” from Sarajevo will also be held as a part of the program.  This show for children, talks about the everlasting conflict between good and evil, and teaches the youngest ones about moral principles of life. The show will be performed at 11:00 a.m., 14:00 p.m. and 17:00 p.m. on the 30th December.

The New Year atmosphere served as a great thematic concept for new workshops that will be presented during the second ”Happy Sunday”. Children will also participate in designing various decorations for the big Christmas tree.

The limited number of tickets and coupons for the New Year gifts packs will be available for purchase from the 21st December in Skenderija.


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