Handicrafts at the Markets of Japan, USA, Spain, France …

rukotvorine“Bosnian and Herzegovina handicrafts – Bh Crafts” is a shop in Baščarsija in Sarajevo that exists since 1997, and it all started as a project with the support of Norway, turning it into the first recognizable model of social entrepreneurship in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Women from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina from both entities create items for “Bh Crafts,” and few years ago was organized a gathering of these women when they exchanged experiences on making items.

As the executive director of “Bh Crafts” Lejla Radončić told to the Agency FENA, handicrafts are made by 150-200 women and they are mainly permanent beneficiaries who work all over the year.

She recalled that in 2007 when was established the agreement with the United States Handicrafts generated 700 women.

At the shop “Bh Crafts” is possible to buy items and house equipment such as blankets, pillows, modernized version of Bosnian traditional carpets, fashion accessories such as jewelry and bags for children and adults, and clothes for children and adults.

“With Such an offer, we contribute to the quality of tourism of B&H”, said Radončić.

For ten years the Sundance Catalog, which is one of the largest catalog sales in the U.S, and co-owner of the catalog is the actor, director and producer Robert Redford, “Bh Crafts” for Christmas makes exclusively socks only for them.

In addition, “Bh Crafts” has contracts with the markets of Japan, France, Spain, and this year they have contract even with the market of Netherlands and there are on going the negotiations with Switzerland, while some items are made for the UK market.

During the interview with the news agency, referring to the clientele of the shop “Bh Crafts”, Radončić emphasizes that visitors of Sarajevo film festival are regular guests and that once they bought gifts for the children of Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie.

At the beginning of the campaign, “More than just shopping,” which is being implemented for nine years, the export and domestic sales were 80 versus 20 percent and thanks to this campaign it is equated the level of sales abroad and in the country.

(Source: Indikator.ba)

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