Handelsblatt: Company Prevent from BiH has no intention to take over Grammer from Germany

May 4, 2017 7:45 AM

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Company Prevent from BiH does not want to completely take over a rival company Grammer AG, said the representative of Prevent Christian Becker, as reported by German newspaper Handelsblatt.

His comment came after representatives of Grammer, which is engaged in the production of interior components for passenger cars, warned that the increasing influence of the family that owns Hastor Prevent and 20 % of Grammer is causing a reduction of business with car manufacturers.

“The news about taking over and transfer of factories to other locations is just a speculation. We are not planning to take over Grammer,” said Becker for German newspaper Handelsblatt.

Prevent refused to present its plans related to the German company. Reuters reported that the previous period was marked by information about Prevent’s request for Grammer to increase its profits and allocate additional seats in the board for BH company.

“We demand more because we know the business. We are not a bank nor the investment fund,” stated Becker.

He confirmed that Prevent wants to strengthen cooperation with Volkswagen as well after the last year was marked by disagreements due to the temporary suspension of cooperation that ultimately resulted in stopped production of the latest generation of VW Golf.

Also, Becker urged Volkswagen and other car manufacturers to respect their contracts.

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