Hana Galijasevic from Velika Kladusa is the most successful Student in Europe

August 21, 2017 2:30 PM

Hana Galijasevic from Velika Kladusa realized excellent results at a competition in general knowledge “The World’s Scholar Cup” in Athens, where she won eight gold and six silver medals.

The competition promotes extracurricular learning, as well as skills such as debate, speech, argumentative writing, team work, and logic. The theme of this year’s competition was “Unbelievable World” and encompassed many topics, including art, sciences and current events.

“There were two teams at the competition and I represented our country as a team member of students from other countries. I was able to achieve significant results in a competition with 1,500 competitors from 42 countries and I’m very glad. I’m thankful to everyone who helped me on way path,” Hana said for Radiosarajevo.ba

Besides the medals, Hana was proclaimed the most successful student of Europe who participated in the competition and the 34th overall.

“I went to the competition without any expectations, since it’s a competition of students from all across the world and I hadn’t partaken in such a competition before. Therefore, every medal that I won was a miracle for me and I was equally happy to win each one.” Hana added, clarifying that it’s a terrific feeling to be one of the most successful.

Besides all these medals, Hana won a place at the Champions’ Tournament of this competition, which will take place at the prestigious Yale University in the U.S. However, a problem for this high schooler is a lack of finances to fund her trip to compete since she didn’t get any support from the government, unlike the other competitors.

“Private firms donated a part of the money necessary for me to travel to Greece and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them here, as well; however, even those donations didn’t cover the entire costs of the trip. How could I go to the U.S. without help? However, many good people reacted to ma success. One family from Austria contacted me and are willing to donate some money. A GoFundMe profile was created and there, people can donate money and support me. I’m really happen that so many people are interested and I’m thankful, which also gives me another motive to conduct the necessary preparations for Yale,” concluded Hana.

There’s certainly a lot of success before this student from Velika Kladusa and we’re hoping to see her shine at the next competition. If you also want to help her, you can do so at her GoFundMe account (https://www.gofundme.com/get-hana-yale-tournament-of-champs).

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)



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