Hamza Alić is Athlete of the Year in B&H

hamza_alicThe B&H Olympic Committee named athlete Hamza Alić the athlete of the year in B&H.

Alić, winner of the silver medal and shot put at the European indoor Championships in Gothenburg and the bronze at the Mediterannean Games in Mersin, received recognition as the most successful athlete of B&H, while the most successful female athlete in 2013 is judoist Larisa Cerić.

The most successful team in 2013 was the B&H football team, while the most successful coach was Mehmed Skender (athletics). Harun Sadiković (judo) and Aleksandra Samardžić (judo) were named the most successful athletes in the younger ages categories.

The most successful athlete in competition sports that is not on the program of Olympic Games is Belmin Berberović (bodybuilding and fitness), while the most successful team in the competition of sports from the Paralympic Sports is the B&H team in sitting volleyball.

The special awards of the B&H Olympic Committee for contribution to the promotion and development of sports in B&H were won by veterans Muhamed Ramić (weightlifting), Husein Gopo (fishing) and Milan Mučibabić (judo), sports journalist Ibrahim Uštović, Almedin Fethović (boxing), Dejan Malinović (handball) and Mirza Teletović (basketball).

Special recognition was given to the B&H Handball Federation, B&H Basketball Association, B&H Football Association and basketball club Spars. Jure Franko received recognition from the B&H Olympic Committee, and special recognition was given to the Director of the Olympic Museum Edin Numankadić.

(Source: Fena)

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