“Halka” soon in Tuzla, Bijeljina and Brčko

halkaThere are still ten days left for the concert of the ensemble Halka to be held at Summer Stage Ilidža and there are already announced new performances of the tour in ten cities of B&H.

The concert in Ilidža on 10th August is a premiere concert in regard to presentation of the ensemble, which consists of Božo Vrećo, Dino Šukalo, Adis Sirbubalo, Edvin Hadžić and Anes Beglerbegović and the album is produced by Gramafon, and immediately after the publication, from the general opinion was declared the best postwar album of Sevdah.

Already, there is a great interest for the concert in Ilidža and the organizer of the tour, the agency Gramafon, announces new concerts that will offer to the audience some of the most beautiful Sevdah songs. The concert in Tuzla will be held on Friday, 23rd August at the Bosnian Cultural Center, and a day later at the Cultural Center Semberija in Bijeljina, while on Sunday 25th August Halka band will perform at the Cultural Center Brčko.

Tickets for concerts of the tour in B&H will be sold with affordable prices. Tickets for the concert in Ilidza cost 5 KM and can be purchased at CD shop Magaza and at the street sellers, at the Bosnian Cultural Center, in front of the Markale market and on Skenderija.

(Source: klix.ba)

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