”Halima’s Path” Won Audience Award in Rome

halimaAt the 19th Mediterranean Film Festival ‘MedFilmFest’, that was held from 21-30 June in Rome, the film ‘’Halima’s Path’’ won the audience award that was awarded by a special multicultural jury. The festival is under the auspices of the Italian President Giorgio Napolitano. Feđa Isović is the screenwriter of the film, the Director is Arsen A. Ostojić and production is by Arkadena Zagreb, Studio Arkadena from Ljubljana and FIST from Sarajevo.

The seven member jury is made up of professionals from several continents, and they said that the awards are given out for ‘’ability and art that manages to create a strong empathy between the audience and the characters, working on such complex topics as war with its devastating consequences, conflicting social and family lines of force, and played with strong emotional expression. The jury particularly praised the deep sensibility that the film highlights in extraordinary strength, courage and possibilities in the world of women’’.

There were nine feature films from Mediterranean countries in competition. This is the 17th award that the film has won in the last 10 months, and at 11 festivals where the film participated in the competition program.

Also, Director Veljko Bulajić received the lifetime achievement award at the festival, and in receiving the award he said that he “crossed the boundaries of national cinema with free and unencumbered access, and with his daring and impressive soundtracks opened the doors of cinema of the Former Yugoslavia and Croatia”.

Tied to Italy with rich humanistic relations, he put the individual at the center of his works, in all circumstances and conditions, in war and in peace. The lifetime achievement award is the bridge between the Mediterranean and Europe. Two of his films called “Battle on Neretva” and “Libertas” were shown.


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