Halilhodzic’s Japan won against Uzbekistan

Vahid HalilhodzicLed by renowned BH expert, Vahid Halilhodzic, Samurai yesterday demonstrated power against Uzbekistan in front of home supporters.

After his debut against Tunisia on Friday, when he achieved a win of 2:0, yesterday Vaha led Samurai to the convincing triumph of 5:1.

Aoyama scored the first goal in the 6th minute with a beautiful volley from around 30 meters. Okazaki increased the result to 2:0. And public could see a show of goals in the finish of the match. Shibasaki scored for 3:0 in the 80th minute, and Tuhtahujaev cored the consoling goal for guests.

Usami and Kawamata suppressed the opponent until the end, and confirmed that our expert is doing excellent work there.



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