Half a million BAM allocated for the Protection of cultural and historical Heritage of Mostar

This year, the city of Mostar allocated a total of 520,000 BAM for development of the project and construction of works that will be conducted by the agency “Old Town”, which is in charge for the protection of the cultural, historical and natural heritage of Mostar.

Unstable parts of buildings will be removed as well as facade scaffolds at the former municipal building, but these are only firefighting measures. The permanent solution of the problem and complete reconstruction of facilities that were devastated during the war will be reached in the future.

Works on the reconstruction of the fortress Stjepan in Blagaj will be continued in the year of 2018.

“We are working on gradual renovations of Stjepan town for 8 years now. When it comes to current reconstruction of fort walls, about three-quarters of the work are already completed,” said Director of the Agency “Old Town” Miralem Fajic.

According to him, an additional 250,000 BAM are needed for completion of external works, after which will follow an interior reconstruction of the fortress, which represents an even more demanding task.

The construction of a cable car that would take visitors to the fortress on the hillside was planned within the reconstruction of Stjepan town.





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