Halal Fries from Srebrenica: Support for Sustainable Return

The ceremony of assigning halal certificate was held in the premises of the company Srebrenicanka Ltd. Srebrenica, with which was confirmed the successful implementation of the halal standard BAS 1049: 2010.

Srebrenicanka Ltd. from Srebrenica started with the business operation last year and it is unique in the production of fries and other products made of potato, which is mostly produced in this town and neighboring town of Bratunac.

The halal certification refers to French fries, potato slices, and potato patties – products that will be labeled with halal certification mark in the upcoming period.

This company currently employs 15 people, and 20 more employees are expected after the expansion of their capacity.

“With the implementation of the halal standard BAS 1049: 2010, the conditions for the production in accordance with halal standard were officially created. Moreover, we are glad that the range of halal product is expanded to products from domestic production and that the demands of customers who are requesting halal certification will be fulfilled. Moreover, the ambitions of this company to place its products in the markets abroad will be supported as well. Srebrenicanka is the first company in this part of BiH with this certificate, which will further contribute to competitiveness of its products, and it represents the support for sustainable return,” said Amir Sakic, Director of the Agency for Halal Certification.


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