Hairdressers in Zenica raised more than 5,000 Euros to Help Children


Forty hairdressers will today beautify their fellow residents as part of the 3rd hairdressing humanitarian rally and will raise funds for the treatment of children by 17:00 o’clock in the hall of the Dzananovic shopping center in Zenica.

“We work on the principle: hairdressers will cut the hair, you set the price yourself, you put the money in the box and you did a good deed. All funds raised will be transparently provided to parents for treatment. One of our parents is here with us and gives us support,” sais Sabina Karic, President of the Assembly of the Zenica Hairdressing Section.

She added that the Hairdressing Section of Zenica has 20 salons, each with two or three or more employees, and that they have beautified more than 500 residents and raised more than 10,000 BAM in the past two humanitarian rallies. They also paid all the money for humanitarian purposes, Federal News Agency reports.

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