Hadzici: New Settlement with the Adrenaline Park and 242 Apartments

resort HadziciThe construction of the new settlement Country Side in Crepljani in the municipality of Hadzici started in July of 2014. The investor is Rawasi Real Estate Ltd. The resort will be built on 126,000 square meters with an adrenaline park that will occupy a total of 108,000 square meters.

They planned construction of a total of 242 residential units in the entire settlement, of which are two buildings and 161 houses. A certain number of houses has already been reserved.

“Finishing works on almost 62 residential units and a supermarket that belong to the first phase of construction are currently taking place. In the second and subsequent stages is planned the construction of rest of the housing units that include houses, two buildings, as well as the construction of artificial lakes and other facilities,” said from the company Rawasi.

The apartment complex, besides housing, will also include some public objects, such as: artificial lake, an administrative building with a supermarket, bar, spa and wellness center, open and closed swimming pool, houses for guards, outbuilding recreation areas, children’s parks and playgrounds as well as sports fields.

They added that the Country Side will offer a new concept of living in a beautiful natural environment, beautiful and pure nature and spectacular view to their visitors.

Besides the Country Side resort, the construction of adrenaline park as well as sports and recreational tourism complex on a total of 108,000 square meters is planned as well, whose implementation will depend on the assistance and cooperation with the Municipality of Hadzici related to issues of infrastructure (water, roads, and sewage).

“This is a large and complex project and we cannot do it without the participation of the Municipality. Also, it is essential for this project to find a partner with “Know how” knowledge of management for this type of project,” stated from Rawasi Real Estate Ltd.

The value of this project is not precisely determined and it will largely depend on the market trends, cooperation with local authorities and investment environment.

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