Hadzic: The Number of Deaths in Bosnia is growing significantly!

The negative natural increase in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina increased significantly during 2020 compared to previous years.

“Data collected by Adnan Fehratbegovic from the website of the Federal Bureau of Statistics confirm this. As of November, there were 6,361 more deaths than births in the Federation of BiH‼ While the number of newborns is significantly declining from year to year, the number of deaths is growing,” writes economic analyst Faruk Hadzic on his Facebook page.

“However, for some party cadres, it is the” presentation of cataclysmic scenarios “by us analysts, pushing this problem aside for years. Ultimately, only through the negative natural increase in the Federation of BiH in the last three years (excluding December), we have 11,908 fewer inhabitants. These data do not include the number of evicted persons, primarily young people, “he wrote.

A recently published study by the Federal Bureau of Statistics states that “the rapid aging of the population raises the question of the sustainability of the entire pension system,” Hadzic points out.

“It seems that this problem is not seen by those in power and who need to make decisions. “Who knows which way, it is the fault of analysts who analyze and present the real situation, and not those who wonder about it, charging huge salaries for their (non) work”, he concluded.

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