Guinness Record holder from BiH broke 50 Coconuts in a Minute!

coconutsMuhamed Kahrimanovic-Hammerhand and Edin Kajevic Kaja, BH Guinness record holder duo, appeared on the popular Dutch TV show “Wedden Dat” in Amsterdam, which is moderated by TV host Silvia Meis.

During his appearance on the show, which was attended by nine other record holders from several countries, Kaja broke a total of 50 coconuts with his elbow in a minute. TV Masmedia Hilversum made a bet with the studio audience whether Kaja may or may not break over 40 coconuts in a minute.

The audience in the studio, as well as multiple Guinness record holder Muhamed Kahrimanovic, the man that German media named “Hammerhand” (“hammer hand”), were delighted with the performance of Kaja, who is a taekwondo master and alpha and the omega of TKD Bosna, one of the most successful BH sports clubs in this martial art.

BH tandem of Guinness World Records have announced new performances, spectacles and setting of new records.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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