Injured Guard managed to hit the Attacker and save People at the Bank in Cazin

The armed man entered the Sberbank BH branch office in Cazin, but he was hurt by a security guard after 15:30 o’clock on Monday.

“Although wounded, the security guard overcame the attacker and protected the lives of those in the office. Police and emergency aid quickly arrived, and the security guard was immediately taken to the hospital in Bihac.”

The authorities are investigating and expecting to determine all the circumstances of this attack, which did not have elements of armed robbery.

“We work closely with them and we are in direct contact with the police. At this point, we are most concerned about the health of the security guard.” said Vedran Persic, Marketing and Communications Director of Sberbank BH.

Guardian Aldin Zulic, who was wounded, after the surgery performed at the Cantonal Hospital “Dr. Irfan Ljubijankic” in Bihac, is now out of danger and his health is now stable.

Zulic had great luck that the bullet that the attacker Mujo Mehagic fired at him from a hand-made rifle, and that bullet did not damage the vital organs.



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