Group of Migrants housed in Motel in Tuzla with Funds of Pomozi.ba Humanitarian Organization


The first group of migrants who spent days on the plateau at the Main Bus Station in Tuzla were transferred to the warm rooms of a local motel in this city.

This is a temporary accommodation provided for them by the Humanitarian Organization  Pomozi.ba. The Pomozi.ba organization at the end of last year leased the Man Motel in Tuzla, which has been closed for some time to accommodate migrants and refugees from the street.

After the preparation of the premises, the first migrants are now housed in warm rooms, and in addition to adequate sleeping and personal hygiene conditions, residents are provided with meals.

All migrants arriving at the premises of the hotel must be registered, that is, must have a white card and be screened by the Danish Refugee Council. Pomozi.ba states that all assistance is welcome because they went into the whole project without any budget for this purpose, all without funding from any international organization.

Low temperatures in the morning and the snow that was falling during the night created new problems for the migrants, and especially disturbing is the photo of two migrants warming covered with blankets while lying on ice concrete, Avaz news portal reports.

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) have warned that the conditions of migrants stuck on the border in Bosnia are worsening by the day. The organization says migrants there are forced to live in inhumane conditions and that they are reportedly subjected to violence by Croatian police when they try to cross the border.

The situation is getting worse for migrants and asylum seekers in Bosnia, stuck on the border in extremely poor conditions amid temperatures hovering around zero while living in tents, abandoned buildings, and makeshift shelters.

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) warned of the situation in a statement issued on November 15. In the statement the organization noted that migrants, including children, say they have been subjected to violence by the Croatian police when they attempt the so-called “game,” which is what they call their attempts to cross the border in to the EU.

MSF reports that about 20,000 people have arrived in Bosnia this year in the hope of continuing their journey northwards in order to seek protection in various EU countries. But ever more restrictive security measures along the Balkan borders; harsh living conditions aggravated by winter on its way and reported violent pushbacks from Croatia, make Bosnia one of the most difficult points on the migration route to Europe, the organization said.



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