Grlic Radman: The Election Law of BiH should be returned to its Beginning

Croatian Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Gordan Grlic Radman told that high representatives and other international actors had changed the content and character of the Election Law in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) with certain creeping reforms.

According to Radman, that is why Croats do not have a legitimate representation in the Presidency of BiH and the House of Peoples, which is guaranteed to them by the Dayton Agreement.

He pointed out that the Election Law in BiH “should be returnedto its beginnings, meaning, spirit, and the message it should have, and that is a guarantee of equality.”

“The three-member Presidency of BiH is a reflection of the multiethnicity of BiH,” Radman said, Klix.ba reports.

Also, he emphasized that changing the BiH Election Law to ensure the legitimate representation of Croats in the Presidency and House of Peoples is necessary for the country’s “functionality, stability, and prosperity”.

“A stable, multinational, functional BiH is sustainable if all peoples are equal – the three constituent peoples and other citizens – as it is in the spirit of the Dayton Agreement and the BiH Constitution,” Radman stated after attending a scientific gathering in Zagreb called “Bosanska Posavina: Yesterday, today, tomorrow”.

Radman reiterated that Croats “do not have a representative in the three-member Presidency of BiH, and he noted that the fact that someone presents himself as a Croatian member of the Presidency of BiH does not actually correspond to the truth.”

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