Grlic Radman: No one will meet with Komsic in Croatia, he is not Representative of Croats

Croatian Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Gordan Grlic Radman stated that no one will officially receive the current member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zeljko Komsic, emphasizing that his election violated the Dayton Agreement because he does not represent Croats in that state institution.

”No. He is certainly not a representative of the Croats. We can express respect for him as a man, but Mr. Komsic is not the representative of Croats in the three-member Presidency,” said Grlic Radman in an interview with TVHB, Hina reports.

Grlic Radman stated that Komsic proves every day that he is not a representative of the Croats because he opposed the construction of the Peljesac Bridge, did not visit any Croat community in BiH and constantly opposes the Croats.

”He proves it every day. It is not moral for him to declare himself as a representative of the Croatian people,” the Croatian head of diplomacy added.

He reminded that the authors of the Dayton Peace Agreement did not agree that other nations should impose political representatives on Croats, which he also reported to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

“The position of Croats in BiH does not correspond to the letter and spirit of Dayton,” he said. According to him, the peace agreement stipulates that Croats be an equal and constitutive people.

”Today’s BiH, unfortunately, deviates from the general formulations and spirit of the Dayton Agreement by the fact that we do not have that in the three-member Presidency, which should be a reflection of the will of the three peoples. They (Croats) should have been able to elect their own representatives. That is not the three-member Presidency of BiH. Croats do not have a representative,” added Grlic Radman.

He rejected the objections that Croatia interferes in the internal affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, saying that the current Croatian government led by Andrej Plenkovic is the most engaged when it comes to supporting BiH as a state and Croats there. It is in the interest of a stable and functional BiH in which all three peoples will exercise their rights. If the Croatian people are most endangered, Croatia will insist that the injustice be rectified. We see that this can be done by implementing the rulings of the Constitutional Court and amending the Election Law – he said.

He also said that BiH must preserve its specifics in approaching the European Union, stating that the example of Belgium provides an answer on how to resolve disputes in complex countries.

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